NSO 2019/20 - A Season of Contrasts - German Giants

We start 2020 with music by iconic German composers, including a rollicking overture, a big romantic symphony, and the last composition by Richard Strauss - a double concerto for clarinet and bassoon, based on the fairy tale "The Princess and the Swineherd". We will leave it to you to decide which instrument represents which character!

You can use the link below to find out more, or scroll down to buy your tickets now. The concert will take place on the 8th of February at Christchurch in Northampton at 7:30 pm.

NORTHAMPTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - A Season of Contrasts: German Giants

19:30, 8th February, 2020 - German Giants

Christchurch, 3 Christchurch Road, Northampton, NN1 5LL